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Resilience, Wellbeing & Productivity Workshops

The current education environment means that many teachers and support staff are under increasing pressure and stress. Our workshops help to manage these pressures and enable teachers to support their everyday mental and emotional wellbeing.

Workshops are tailored to meet needs, challenges, budgets and availability and cover topics such as:

  • Taking responsibility for personal self-care and wellbeing

  • Managing workloads and take back the feeling of control

  • Having a more positive mindset to enable better outcomes

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence to support relationships

  • Building resilience in the face of change and uncertainty 

  • Developing personal  work/life boundaries

  • Keeping on top of admininstration tasks and emails

  • Managing everyday stressors and overwhelm

"Rachel was engaging, knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. All of the teachers who attended gave amazing feedback on how they were able to take away learnings from the workshop that they could apply in their day-to-day lives" Chris Rennie, Deputy Principal