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Meet Rachel

Rachel Matheson is an experienced and passionate facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker.

Originally from the picturesque Banks Peninsula of the South Island, Rachel and her family reside in a semi-rural home along the banks of the Waikato River, near Cambridge. 

Rachel finds joy in active pursuits such as running, tennis, mountain biking, tramping, pilates and skiing while also finding calm and mindfulness in yoga, sewing and a good jigsaw puzzle! Rachel finds that when being active, she can balance her energy and experience the effects on both her body and mind. Seeking the fun and laughter in life Rachel is very grateful for the precious time spent with her cherished friends and family.

Professionally, Rachel has worked as a productivity trainer in both the public and private sectors, across Australasia. Through this work, Rachel felt something was missing in the training approach.

She found that participants were asked to change how they operated in the workspace, without first addressing their mindset and well-being. This kick-started her curiosity and personal journey into mindfulness, wellbeing and resilience.

As a certified productivity and mindfulness trainer, Rachel's mission is to equip others with the tools and insights needed to navigate life's complexities. Rachel draws on her years working in different sectors, business and organisations to deliver engaging and impactful workshops.

Alongside her husband and three daughters, Rachel shares her home with her beloved pets, including Elsie the Cavoodle, Rosie the Border Collie, and two cats.

Rachel is passionate about helping people reduce stress, cope with pressures and expectations, enhance happiness and improve personal productivity to find the life/work harmony so many of us seek. 

“One of my biggest learnings in life was learning to be a Human Being vs a Human Doing – I learnt to slow down, that it was ok to stop and be present and notice the smaller things”
Rachel Matheson

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