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Resilience | Wellbeing | Productivity

 Helping people thrive in their everyday spaces

What We Do

Sparkhouse offers mindfully led workshops to enhance resilience, productivity and general wellbeing for people in their everyday spaces.

At a time when the world is becoming increasingly complex, with dynamic challenges and an ever increasing fast pace, it is very easy for people to feel disconnected, overwhelmed and frantic as they struggle to meet growing expectations.  

Our tailored workplace workshops draw on the fundamentals of mindfulness to raise awareness of how individuals are operating in the workspace and offer practical tools and strategies to enhance their resilience, relationships, productivity and overall wellbeing. 

Our program for schools is specifically designed to support teachers.  Where time and resources are limited, we enable and support them to work smarter and find the boundaries and balance to enhance and support their wellbeing. 

We also offer public workshop events for women, who are struggling to manage stress and overwhelm from everyday pressures and expectations, supporting them to find space, connection and joy.