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Here to help you thrive, live your best life, and find your spark

Sparkhouse is Rachel Matheson’s personal and professional passion project. She provides coaching and workshops to enhance resilience, productivity, and general well-being in people’s everyday lives.

Meet Rachel

Rachel is your experienced and passionate facilitator, trainer, coach and speaker. She’s here to help you on your journey to build confidence, identify gaps, develop strategies for work-life balance, overcome limiting beliefs and mindset, boost motivation, and set personal boundaries.

Empowerment through awareness and choice

Our programmes


Our tailored workshops for groups and workplace teams, use practical tools and strategies to enhance resilience, productivity, and overall well-being. We offer engaging sessions that are designed to be interactive and highly impactful.

One-on-one coaching

Our one-on-one coaching can be tailored to any situation. Rachel will support and enable you to reset, reconnect, and gain clarity. She will stand beside you as you take action and navigate life’s challenges and obstacles using a variety of tools and strategies.


We also offer one-off workshops and events designed specifically for women who may be struggling to manage stress and feel overwhelmed by daily pressures and expectations. We can work together to create a safe space to connect and find joy.

Self-awareness, self-action and self-care

“One of my biggest learnings in life was learning to be a human being vs a human doing. I learnt to slow down, stop, be present in the moment and notice the small things.” 

Rachel Matheson

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