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Find your spark and live your best life

Our one-on-one coaching will help build and achieve self-awareness, self-action and self-care.

Rachel Matheson is a highly sought after coach providing services that can be customised to suit any situation you may be facing. 

Whether it be your personal life or your professional space, Rachel is dedicated to providing you with the support and guidance you need to reset, reconnect, and gain clarity. She will stand by your side, have your back, and equip you with the right tools and strategies to overcome life's challenges and obstacles.

How can we help?

There are many benefits to personalised coaching:

  • Building confidence

  • Identifying gaps

  • Developing strategies for work-life balance

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs

  • Changing mindset

  • Boosting motivation

  • Setting boundaries 

Areas that we might cover

  • Strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm 

  • Finding 'me-time' to do things that are important 

  • Over coming people-pleasing 

  • Taking responsibility for individual wellbeing

  • Managing challenging, uncomfortable emotions

  • Managing expectations and perfectionistic tendencies

  • Setting personal boundaries - finding your 'positively selfish'!

  • Moving away from complaining and blaming to empowerment

  • Understanding the discipline of self-care

  • The importance of self compassion and healthy self-talk

  • Finding the work/life balance that works for you

Food for Thought:

"We all have an inherent value as human beings. We are all worth the same. Don't ever waste time comparing yourself to anyone else [or] where they're at. We all go through things in our own time. It's about shining your light on yourself so that then you can share it with the rest of the world."  Quanah Style

One-on-one coaching is available in-person or online. 

"I reached out to Rachel after hearing her speak at a retreat. Her message was clear and more to the point, helpful! I enjoy my sessions with Rachel and always come away feeling like I have gained practical tools for my personal growth."
Jo, Architect, Wanaka

"I have benefitted greatly from Rachel's business coaching over the past 12 months. Insightful, empowering and helpful, Rachel has strengthened my work practice and perspective."
Gwen, Community Health Sector, Waikato

Ready to kick-start your life's journey?