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The Seasonal Wellbeing Series - with Flourish Wellness

Autumn Wellness

After a sell-out evening workshop, we are now offering another opportunity to attend this popular Building Personal  Resilience workshop.

Autumn is a time of change and a fantastic opportunity to stop, draw breath and check in with yourself and your wellbeing. We are all so busy, playing many roles, juggling many balls often resulting in feelings of fatigue, stress  and overwhelming.

Come along to this informative evening and learn how to overcome these feelings and take back some control to effectively manage your everyday. 

This workshop will cover: 

  • Activating your personal self-care plan to stay out of the exhaustion funnel

  • Managing emotions that are impacting negatively on your relationships

  • Understanding the impact of your thoughts and negative self-talk

  • Strategies to manage everyday, pressures, stress and overwhelm  

Please note that spaces are limited and the worksop will be held next door to the Flourish Studio, at the St Kilda Cafe, in the private function room.

Tuesday 20th JuneTime 10.30-12.00pmCost $49 


"I have been lucky enough to hear Rachel share her wisdom and run these insightful workshops a few times now and I find them so helpful and refreshing. I feel empowered learning that I actually have so much control on how I think, feel and behave. Completely recommend for anyone and everyone" Morgan H

Day Tuesday 20th June 2034

Time 10.30am - midday 

Autumn Wellness

Winter Wellness

We often associate winter with colder weather, darker evenings and hibernating at home. It can also be a time that unhelpful and unhealthy habits might creep in impacting on our mood and motivation.  

Come along to this infomative evening and gain some perspective of where you are at and how you might build your self-care routines over the winters months.

This workshop will cover: Finding space to put yourself first, identifying things that derail your self-care plan, overcoming procrastination, finding motivation to build healthy habits and learning how you can build personal boundaries at home and work.

Day: Tuesday 8th August  

Time: 6.30-8pm

Winter Wellness

Mindfulness for Women

There are currently no scheduled workshops for this course. 

Please contact directly for more information 

"I loved every minute of the course and the information learnt is life changing! I would highly recommend this to everyone I know". Ruth

"The Exhaustion Funnel spoke to me - it's absolutely how I have been feeling. I have realised that the biggest thing I need to address is self-care. Thank you for helping me to be courageous to put myself and my health first".  Anne B