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The Seasonal Wellbeing Series - with Flourish Wellness

Spring Workshop:
New Beginnings

Spring is considered to be the season of new beginnings and a great time for us to take up new challenges, learnings or directions in our lives. 

But this is often easier said than done!

Many of us are naturally cautious and nervous about making changes and stepping outside our comfort zones. Come along to this information evening and learn how to build your confidence to make the changes you want. 

Day: Thursday 12th October

Time: 6.30-8pm

Mindfulness for Women

There are currently no scheduled workshops for this course. 

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"I loved every minute of the course and the information learnt is life changing! I would highly recommend this to everyone I know". Ruth

"The Exhaustion Funnel spoke to me - it's absolutely how I have been feeling. I have realised that the biggest thing I need to address is self-care. Thank you for helping me to be courageous to put myself and my health first".  Anne B