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Resilience & Wellbeing

These workshops draw on the principles of mindfulness and provide practical tools to manage and cope with workload stress, pressure and overwhelm.

Participants have the opportunity to build self-awareness and identify unhelpful personal habits and mindsets which potentially get in the way of better outcomes and the ability to embrace change.

We offer short, engaging workshops that are designed to be interactive and impactful. These workshops could sit within your current wellbeing program, or be part of an off-site team day or part of a larger conference.

Alternatively you may choose a series of workshops over a longer timeframe to deep dive into the different areas and enhance the opportunity to embed learning and change.  

Areas that we cover include:

  • strategies to reduce stress and overwhelm 

  • enable individuals to take responsibility for their wellbeing

  • EQ to manage strong negative emotions

  • managing challenging relationships

  • managing our own expectations and those set by others

  • setting personal boundaries 

  • overcoming the habit of complaining and blaming

  • understanding the discipline of self-care

  • what is 'true listening' to enhance relationships 

  • the importance of compassion for self and others 

  • embracing change and uncertainty

One-on-one coaching (in-person or on-line)  is also available for those seeking a more personalised approach. 

"Rachel presented a fantastic workshop, that was interactive, engaging and fun. I would recommend to all small to medium-sized businesses to invest in this workshop as you'll be amazed at the outcomes". Mike, Director, Russell Properties

Rachel's  practical, direct and clear delivery style meant she related to the entire team and provided mental strategies to use both personally and when dealing with clients. Our team was thoroughly impressed and we will be utilising her services in future team building and development activities" Diane, Finance Industry


Workplace Productivity

The most valuable productivity tool we have is our ability to pay attention and focus on what is important and impactful.  

Our productivity workshops enable individuals to have a fresh perspective on how they are operating in the workplace to enhance their feelings of control and productivity. Topics covered included:

  • prioritising the impactful, important work

  • reducing distractions and interruptions

  • managing perfectionism and expectations

  • setting personal boundaries to manage overwhelm

  • getting on top of your emails

  • understanding and overcoming procrastination  

Workshops are tailored to meet team needs, challenges, budgets and time availability. 

One-on-one productivity coaching also available for those seeking a more personalised approach. 

"Rachel's workshop enable me to truly understand where I was at and gave me the tools and motivation to make some significant personal changes to manage stress. Can highly recommend it. Regional Manager, Finance Industry 

"I am amazed at how much of what you spoke about was so ‘’on the money’’ when I think about my work habits etc and have already started making changes to the way I handle emails. Sometimes it the small things that can make a big difference." Chris S.


Mindfulness Workshops

The essence of Mindfulness is about awareness and the relationship with our own thoughts and emotions.  This awareness enables us to reduce our tendency to worry and overthink and step away from the feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Whether you are after a one-off presentation at an off-site or team building day, or a series of workshops for your team, the topics are applicable to all aspects of a persons life. We cover:

  • how to enhance to self-awareness

  • recognising a frantic, scattered mind

  • managing challenging emotions  

  • reframing our perspective and mindset

  • self compassion and forgiveness

  • the art of gratitude 

Practicing mindfulness enables us to be present and honest about how we are truely feeling and coping. It helps us not only support ourselves but also enables us to support and connect to those around us. 

"Rachel is a fantastic speaker. Her messages around mindfulness and dealing with uncertainty was well received by all who attended the seminars. She provided practical tips for exercising mindfulness that you can fit into your daily life to bring clarity and calm to any situation."  Chantal, Craigs Investment Partners

"I loved every minute of the course and the information learnt is life changing! I would highly recommend this to everyone I know."    Ruth 

"I came away with so many gems and feeling very inspired to lead a more mindful life! Your presenting style was fantastic, real and every working woman should book your course immediately! Can't wait for the next one."   Rachael