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Resilience & Wellbeing (Embracing Uncertainty Through COVID19)

We are all currently experiencing unprecedented challenges, changes and uncertainty, which is requiring us all to draw on our inner resilience.

Our tailored Resilience & Wellbeing workshops provide participants with the self awareness to navigate and embrace these uncertain times with understanding and self-belief.  Using the principles of mindfulness we share tips and tools on how to cope with increased levels of stress and anxiety and manage the changes in workloads and workplace environments.

We also learn how to protect our limited time and attention to improve or maintain productivity throughout this uncertainty, whilst at the same time ensuring we are implementing critical self-care habits and practices to support our well-being. 

Finally, as the economy tightens and many of us are required to undertake challenging conversations with colleagues and customers alike - we offer strategies on how to manage our negative emotions to ensure we respond with consideration, supporting better outcomes and relationships.  

Workshop sessions are delivered by Skype or Zoom and can be tailored to suit team and organisational dynamics. 

When we were hit with Level 4 lockdown due to Covid-19 we turned to Rachel as a credible and trusted expert in the field of a Mindful workplace. Rachel facilitated some fantastic short targeted sessions for the team, recapping the main points and walking us through what we are likely to be experiencing emotionally. This process was incredibly powerful in helping people understand and manage what they were going through and ensured the team were well supported through the unique lockdown period. Rachel introduced the more delicate subjects well and respectfully facilitated conversations with the team giving people the license to acknowledge their experiences. While everyone can read this content for themselves it was comforting as a people leader to be able to deliver this support to our people as opposed to merely providing the content which they may not prioritise. Senior Leader, Finance Industry

Resilience Series

These workshops draw on the principles of mindfulness and provide practical tools to manage and cope with workload stress, pressure and overwhelm.

Participants have the opportunity to stop and check-in with themselves and build self-awareness to identify unhelpful personal habits and mindsets that get in the way of best outcomes and ability to embrace change.

Whether you are seeking a one-off presentation for your off-site or team day, or a series of workshops to enhance your team's resilience we can tailor to your needs. Areas that we cover include:

  • stress and strategies to reduce it

  • learning how to handle difficult emotions

  • managing challenging relationships and expectations

  • impact of complaining and blaming

  • role of unconscious egos and relationships impacts

  • self-care and responsibility 

  • true listening and understanding 

  • compassion for self and others 

  • connecting for better outcomes

  • embracing change 

Productivity Series

The most valuable productivity tool we have is our ability to pay attention or focus.  Through mindful awareness we learn how to protect attention by reducing multi-tasking, distractions and interruptions enhancing productivity and output.

Our half day Productivity Workshop enables individuals to take a fresh perspective of their workload and learn some tips and tricks to increase their feeling of control and reduce stress levels from feeling overwhelmed. 

Mindfulness Series

The essence of Mindfulness is about awareness and the relationship with our thoughts.  Once we understand how thought works, we are able to reduce our tendency to worry, overthink and operate in autopilot.  

Whether you are after a one-off presentation at an off-site or team building day, or a series of workshops for your team, the topics are applicable to all aspects of a persons life. We cover:

  • the benefits of the present moment
  • recognising a frantic, scattered mind
  • the nature of how thought works and its impact
  • reframing our perspective
  • the impact of our inner critic
  • self compassion 

It enables us to be present and to be honest about how we are truely feeling and coping. Being mindful helps us not only connect with ourselves but also enables us to support and connect to those around us. 

"Resilience is coping with difficulty and adversity and learning from it."
(Reivich 2002)