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Workplace Programs

Rachel is a fantastic speaker. Her messages around mindfulness and dealing with uncertainty was well received by all who attended the seminars. She provided practical tips for exercising mindfulness that you can fit into your daily life to bring clarity and calm to any situation.  Chantal, Craigs Investment Partners

"Rachel presented to our team covering off relevant topics of mindful resilience and emotions. With her practical, direct and clear delivery style she impressed and related to the entire team and provided mental strategies to use both personally and when dealing with clients. Our team was thoroughly impressed and we will be utilising her services in future team building and development activities" Diane, Finance Industry

"As usual Rachel's presentation was awesome, I particularly enjoyed the presentation about mindfulness.  It was good to relate to work and everyday, as well as engaging activities.  We need more mindful sessions like Rachels."  Senior Manager, Health Organisation 

"Rachel's workshop enable me to truly understand where I was at and gave me the tools and motivation to make some significant personal changes to manage stress. Can highly recommend it. Regional Manager, Finance Industry 

Rachel ran a full day workshop for our team. What blew me away was how she held everyone’s attention for a full day with engaging content and a personable style. Everyone, across a diverse group of people, thoroughly enjoyed the day and all took some gems away that they felt would improve both their self-awareness and wellbeing. Even those that had attended previous sessions greatly appreciated the refresher and learnt new things. Support Manager Finance Industry 

Mindfulness for Women

"Great seminar last night - lots of great ideas to manage stress and life In general and how to be mindful of yourself and others - totally recommend this course"  Nicola

"I loved every minute of the course and the information learnt is life changing! I would highly recommend this to everyone I know."    Ruth 

"Thanks for such a great Mindfulness evening last week. I came away with so many gems and feeling very inspired to lead a more mindful life! Your presenting style was fantastic, real and every working woman should book your course immediately! Can't wait for the next one."   Rachael

Teenage /Young Adult Programs

What was the most valuable learning from the workshop ?

" All the things about thoughts and how to cope with them."
" My thoughts are my own and I can ignore them."
" That you can control your thoughts."
" Your thoughts are not you, you can choose what you listen too."
" How to control your thoughts to help with your feelings."

Adastra Scholarship Recipients:

"The presentation was super helpful in understanding the mental strength it requires to overcome negative thoughts. It was also extremely useful learning that thoughts are just thoughts and that we are not our thoughts. I really enjoyed learning about this, and I was also able to apply to my sports and everyday life instantly".

"As athletes it is easy to lose your head and get lost in overthinking and stressing. I feel as learning about mindfulness was extremely important and that it tied in nicely with the lesson on sports psychology".

"I think every single person can practise mindfulness but because there are so many things out there it can be confusing and overwhelming. Rachel's presentation gave me great tools that I can use in everyday life".

Clients Worked With: